Caravan & Lodge Parts & Spares

Leisure Parts 4 U, is really for you… At leisure parts 4 u, we provide hard-to-find items! We stock the parts/spares others don’t!

Our main goal is to satisfy all of our Customers. Big or Small. We will always cooperate with our customers and always be fair. We try offer the best prices possible, but sometimes the margin isn’t as big. So that’s the reasoning for some expensive items! We mainly provide Caravan/Lodge parts/spares but we have a variety of stuff, ranging from Door Handles > Cookers. We have mostly everything you may need!

Here’s a little list of the stuff we offer!
– Caravan & Lodge Parts
– Appliances
– Appliance Spares
– Cookers & Hoods
– Fridges & Parts
– Caravan & Lodge Parts
– Beds and Mattresses
– Heaters & Heating Systems
– Doors, Handles and Spares
– Windows, Handles and Spares
– Chassis Spares
– Cleaning Products
and a lot more!

Our best selling items are the little parts nobody can find! The items we stock which others don’t. Such as rooflights, door caps, caravan spares and random bits and bobs. If you are looking to order big, then give us a call and we can negotiate! As we mentioned… Our main goal is to satisfy all our customers, so if that means giving someone a little discount on a big order that isn’t an issue! Delivery times we also strive to be the best! We avoid excuses like ‘Covid’ & ‘It’s the carriers fault’

A few times a year, you will see that we’re offering a discount on our website. This can range from 5-15% discount. And it will be advertised on our main webpage! The reasoning behind our discounts. When we do well, meaning we do a lot of business with a lot of really friendly, nice and polite people it usually motivates us to host a discount for our customers as discounts help everyone! We usually host 2-3 discounts a year, and they’ll last anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks. And anyone can use the discount! You do not need to be an existing customer.