Caravan Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive with Added PVA 5kg


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Disclaimer: although we have tested this adhesive with our wall paper on to plywood, we highly recommend testing it first, We can not be held responsible for any mistakes or failed attempts, You will receive a data sheet with every order placed

There’s no time wasted when you use Caravan Ready Mix vinyl wallpaper adhesive. This high-performance aqueous paste is ready to use as soon as you open the lid; simply roll or brush it on, straight from the tub.
Ready Mix is suitable for most types of wall coverings. The thick, smooth formula is easy to spread, slide and position. It contains added PVA for strength, ensuring you get the job done quickly and professionally.
• Premium quality wallcovering adhesive with proven reliability
• Ready to use: roll or brush straight from the tub
• Easy to spread and slide—low splatter, high wet tack
• Added PVA for increased strength
• High resistance to moisture and humidity
• Contains an inhibitor to prevent mould, yeast and fungal growth