Systemsure IK6 Pressure Injector


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The Kamco IK6 injector enables corrosion inhibitors, flushing chemicals and boiler noise suppressants to be injected directly into the main flow of heating systems.

It is used to inject liquid chemicals through the air bleed screw of just one radiator, with no need to drain off any water or even to locate the feed and expansion tank.

With no need to enter the loft space, the whole process can be carried out in less than five minutes.

The Kamco IK6 injector is equally as effective when injecting chemicals into sealed systems, removing the need to re-pressurise a system after injection of chemicals.

The Kamco IK6 injector is supplied complete with two special nickel plated steel air bleed valve adapters for the most common radiator bleed valve sizes.

The Kamco IK6 injector has a 4 litre capacity tank, enabling it to be used to add chemicals to even the largest domestic systems with one operation