V200 Caravan Shower Mixer Valve 45mm Centres

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New style shower mixer fitted from 2014. It is fitted to holiday homes manufactured by Swift, Willerby, ABI, Victory, Delta, Europa, etc. Also fitted in shower cubicles (shower pods) made by Plast-Tech, Bridgewood and Lamplas.. These can be fitted in a horizontal or vertical position. 45mm hole centres.

As with all thermostatic shower mixer taps, it is essential that the water is not left to freeze whilst inside the tap. Frozen water expands and can damage the pipework and/or the internal thermostatic valve. Because this thermostatic mixer tap is intended for use in holiday homes and caravans, it has been designed so that it can be easily disconnected. The V200 shower mixer tap is supplied with full instructions on how to ensure it is drained down correctly during the winter period