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  • K69.G

    Kitchen Swing Out Waste Bin 10 Litre Grey


    Kitchen bin for side wall mounting in cabinets Lid opens with opening of cabinet door; installed height x width x depth: 330 x 360 x 295 mm; grey polypropylene bin holder and lid; black inner bin included.

  • K69.G

    Swing Out 10L Waste Bin for Cabinet Wall Installation – Grey

    A 10-litre capacity swing out bin designed for side wall mounting in cabinets, offering a space-saving solution for waste disposal in the kitchen.

    The bin holder and lid are made of durable grey polypropylene. The black inner bin can be easily removed for hassle-free emptying and cleaning.

    The bin is installed inside the cabinet and its lid automatically opens with the cabinet door, allowing for easy and hygienic access.

    The dimensions of the bin when installed are approximately 330mm in height, 360mm in width, and 295mm in depth. This size can fit seamlessly within most standard kitchen cabinets.